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The hard rockin' crazy zombie is on dA! Trying to make some art, but mostly just talk about art. Hello there :)
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Hello everyone, I'm back from vacation! And I figured this is the best place as any to write a description of what I've done :) A journal, if I may.

So, I went to Clausthal-Zellerfelt (near Goslar) in Germany. Mountainous area, lots of lakes, very pretty. I went with my friend, his father and little sister. I've very much enjoyed myself.

To start with the big stuff - we've done a lot of walking. Up a mountain, down a mountain, repeat. Note that as a Dutch guy, I call everything that resembles a hill a mountain ;p I'm not a big fan of mountains... But the walking was nice.

We had two really long trips: one to a certain really large lake. Once we got there, there was absolutely nothing there. The view was boring and you couldn't even get something eat or anything anywhere next to the lake. I guess we should have looked it up first. There was a highway next to it, so... It's something?

The second trip, we went to the neighboring city Artenou (Yeah, I'm probably typing the names wrong here, but I am way too lazy to look it all up). We knew there was a indoor swimming pool there. Little did we know... It was more like a sauna, perhaps a spa. It was a salt water bath where generally old people go in naked. Was not the prettiest thing I had ever seen in my life XD
The water was nice, though, I am not complaining. The water was warm (and tasted way too good; damn you, salt!), much warmer than the lake we generally swam in, haha.


The more interesting/painful stuff:
I took my Gameboy Advance, for which I only own one game: Pokémon Fire Red. At some point during the vacation, I had 43 hours put into it. Then my battery died... While I was saving. Hmmm... That was quite a shock. Also, it was surprisingly easy to get over - Pokémon is just such a good game that I don't mind starting over again, haha. The only other RPG I know that has this is Golden Sun.
Bye-bye, my dear Electrode.

I managed to download some more Gameboy Advance games for my phone - a somewhat random package. I had no idea what I was getting. I started playing Breath of Fire 2 on my phone. The game is simply amazing. it has a lot of technical flaws and the writing isn't very good, but the fighting system is brilliant (perfect, even) and the story is awesome.
However, sadly, the game crashes each time during a certain cutscene. I cannot continue the game in any way, unless if I figure out a way to move my savestate to a PC. Then I could fix it. I'll be looking into that. This is the story of how I lost my progress of two games in just one vacation *sigh*

I followed it up with Advance Wars, which is pretty awesome, but I am not too far in it yet. I'll see.


It took me exactly two weeks to read Band of Brothers, which is a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It might not be very moral to read a book on World War 2 when in Germany? Ah, who cares, I see it as beautiful irony. I do feel the book made me laugh too many times, though.....
(It could also be said that following up reading Band of Brothers with playing Advance Wars is really, really bad, haha)

I tried reading the Dutch translation of Moby Dick... But no, it was just too bad > ~ < I don't know what it was, I just could get through the horrible way the first page was written. I might get back to it someday if I get my hands on the English version :p

On my way back home, a 8-hour trip, I read the entire first book of the original Darren Shan series. Wow, it is a lot more childish than I remembered it, haha. I am looking forward to reading the entire series, though. Shan's simple writing style always drew me to it in the first place (even in his later series, Demonata), so I know I am going to enjoy this re-read.


All the small things: Everyone on TV sounds like Doofenshmirtz. You have no idea how often I thought "Hey, Phineas and Ferb?" XD
Cartoons in Germany are pretty cool, though. Spongebob's voice actually sounds better in German than in English. I personally still prefer his Dutch voice, though... Weird thing is, though, in Germany, they actually changed Spongebob's last name 0.o It's weird, especially because they didn't change any of the minor characters' names (They actually say "Mr. Crab" in the most English way possible, huh)

Oh, also, you can't believe how much gaming commercials they got in Germany. Here, you barely see them, but over there they are everywhere!

The license plates in Germany are way cooler than those in Holland. They generally have four letters, then three or four numbers. This makes them able to
1. Make four letter words
2. Make full years
This... Is awesome. I loved looking at all the license plates. A lot of them had GS as their first letters, which stood for Goslar (the city's name), but I always read it as Golden Sun :p I've noticed a lot of other patterns like that, but none that I remember clearly...

Windows in buses are referred to as emergency exits. That amuses me.

Sambuka is an acid made up by the devil to torture living souls. WHO THE HELL DRINKS THAT!?

Uhm... That is basically all I can think of. Well, i already know a lot more, but let's just keep it at this. The vacation was fun. It'll take me a while to read all my 188 watch messages, but I'll get to you all :)

Do comment! What have you done this summer?
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy 3, Breath of Fire 2, Advance Wars

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NutmegFluff Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
... Is what I'm commenting above a serious argument, or just a spirited debate???


Anyway, came by just to talk randomly next time you log on! Because we used to all the time, you know?


Maplestrip Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Hmm, serious debate? Either way, it was a bit one-sided, not the most interesting conversation I've ever had.
I like arguing :p

Do you happen to be an anonymous user on Spillit? :p We should talk more, yeah! I've been really lazy lately, and somehow deviantArt was the first thing I trimmed down on 0.o I do miss talking to you, though.

It's not that awkward - you can message me anytime! :3 After all, I like talking much like how I like arguing!
NutmegFluff Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've never even heard of Spillit O.o

But I do have a Skype that I use just to IM.
Maplestrip Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Oh, nevermind then. It's just that the past few days, I had two anonymous users (or perhaps one posting twice) telling me how much they miss me and that we used to talk a lot... I'm not really sure what to do with it...

I too have Skype and mainly use it for that reason. You could find me under Maplestrip :)
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BlazeDriver Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope. There isn't. Not everything has to be tame and proper.
Maplestrip Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
The problem is that your argument is self-defeating. The obvious response would be "Not everything has to be gritty and bloody either."

In the end, it depends on what, in this case a game-designer wants to create. Anything that one adds to a medium influences both the experience the people will have during the playing and the effect the medium will have on society itself.

To give two examples from this video: The brutal scene from No More Heroes 2 would disgust me (personally) to the extend of not wanting to play the game anymore, whereas the scene from Watch_Dogs or those from Red Dead Redemption would get the player to want to be heroic. The Assassin's Creed scenes are supposed to create some form of anger in the player, in order to motivate them to kill the "bad guys."
All of these things affect different people in different ways, though, and I personally find them fascinating to try and understand.

The effect these tropes, as described by the video, have on society as a whole is rather unclear, though, and I definitely want to understand that better. (In particular the Damsel in Distress video is probably onto something)
What I think the scenes in this game do to the world? I have absolutely no idea. Of course, they could very easily have the opposite impact than one would expect, much like how Pokémon makes one kinder to animals and how GTA is often a good outlet of emotions.

...Yeah, I love thinking about all this :3
BlazeDriver Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist does a game that makes you put animals into fights against their will make you kinder toward animals?
Maplestrip Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
As I said, unexpected results. But it makes sense, because after all, you do get a "virtual pet." I've seen a lot of people care a lot about their Pokémon, and this carries over to their real-life, where they really like animals.

Though I guess that people who hate on animals would hate on them regardless. Those people would probably never really enjoy Pokémon anyway, seeing as how the game is mainly about getting stronger with a group of "animals"/friends...
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LazerEagle1 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah! I just logged in and checked up on your profile, and it says you're 19.

Did I miss your birthday!?
Maplestrip Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
It's in January, so you probably missed it quite a while back XD

I don't think I did anything big with it this year, though...
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